Get The Facts

You Might Be Surprised.

These messages are key to understanding the issue of sexual violence. They can help us strengthen our community and help us to support survivors.

Core Messages

Sexual violence is about power & control.

  • Offenders make a choice to hurt others because of their beliefs of entitlement
  • This belief of entitlement stems from sexism, racism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia etc.
  • Sex is used as a weapon to gain power & control over others

Nobody asks to be sexually assaulted.

  • Offenders are 100% responsible for acts of sexual violence
  • No actions or behaviours of the survivor/victim ever justify sexual violence
  • Everyone has the right to feel safe & trust people
  • Offenders deny survivors’ rights to freedom & safety

It’s very important to be able to recognize consent.

  • Consent is obvious
  • Consent is not a guessing game. If you don’t know, just ask!
  • There are different ways to say no
  • It’s as simple as respecting & communicating with your partner
  • If you’re incapacitated (think: drugs or alcohol) you CANNOT physically give your consent. It’s illegal, not to mention the fact that you’re unable to voice your consent if you’re inebriated
  • Consent doesn’t count (and is illegal) if you’ve been forced to give in through coercion including threats, bribes, blackmail, etc.

Sexual violence is a reality that needs to be addressed. Now.

  • Sexual violence happens in all communities
  • False reporting only makes up 2% of reported cases, which is the same as any crime
  • False reporting should not be an excuse to ignore the issue
  • Sentencing does not reflect the seriousness of this violent crime, especially the long term ramifications. Sometimes perpetrators are jailed for as little as a few months!

Everyone heals in their own way.

  • No one can tell you how you should react if you are assaulted or abused. Just know that you are not to blame for what happened to you. We are here to support you