Introduction and Initial Thoughts

by Joe

My name is Joseph and I am one of the bloggers that you’ll find here at the CCASA Youth Blog. In this initial post, I’ll just give you a bit of my background that will give you a better idea of where I’m coming from and why I joined up with CCASA.

I am currently attending SAIT Polytechnic for Film and Video Production and have just finished my 1st year of studies there. SAIT is actually my second post-secondary institution as I have completed a four year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy at the University of Lethbridge. It is likely that this formal education in philosophy had a hand in my initial decision to join up with CCASA. Naturally, there were many other factors that also contributed to my decisions; the most significant and obvious factor being that I agreed with CCASA’s philosophies.

Coming into the organization I had my own philosophies regarding equality in a general sense, as well as a certain level of disagreement with many commonly held beliefs. That said, the beliefs that I did have were far too general and were not of much use when it came to discussing issues of sexual abuse with others. However, shortly after I began my work with CCASA, I quickly gained a new set of beliefs and philosophies that allowed me to refine my own. I now feel that I am better equipped to discuss issues of sexual abuse and begin making some changes.
After a few short weeks I have not only already begun to look at the issues of sexual abuse differently, but gained a new perspective on many other issues that are related to sexual abuse. Certain lyrics in songs and themes in movies stand out where they didn’t before, the roles of women and men in society have gained a new meaning for me, and knowledge regarding certain popular beliefs has been revealed.

One of my goals this summer will be to introduce other males to the philosophies of CCASA and educate them on what they can do to help. I am proud to be part of CCASA and I am excited to find out what we’ll encounter and what we’ll accomplish this summer.

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