Limitless Learning

by Alex

Hey All!

I’m back at CCASA for a new season, for new experiences and more fun times! It feels so great to be back in such a non judgmental, friendly, welcoming place. On the youth4change team I work with Sandra, Steve and Joe who have taught me so much in the short while I have been back.

It’s incredible how much I am able to learn from their experiences and ideas. Yes, I am the veteran on the team and do have more experience with CCASA however, the new things I learn everyday from each one of my team members is incredible. At CCASA we have some forward thinking beliefs that contradict what society is telling us everyday. It’s hard to wrap your head around sometimes and especially difficult to express thoughts to people who aren’t immersed in this work day in and day out. Working in this environment with great team members has allowed us to have some really stimulating conversations. I always come out with a new way to verbalize a thought or idea that I can share with my friends, family and you guys!

CCASA has provided us with an opportunity to learn and grow as people. This issue is so complex that I take every opportunity I can to learn. I feel like the more I read and the more I try to absorb I feel like the less I know. We are such a diverse group and getting other people’s perspectives can really help shape my own. I love getting the male viewpoint on different concepts and readings. It really demonstrates the way our society is constructed and hopefully allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the issue and the impact it has on both men and women. Being given the opportunity to analyze, critique and apply my own experiences has helped shape me as a person at work but also in my day to day life. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences and perspective with you throughout the summer.

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