Please Take Our Survey!

by Megan

The following survey outlines some of our questions about your ideas and knowledge about sexual violence and healthy sexuality. We welcome an open discussion and will answer any questions. You may respond to the survey in the comments, or email your answers to us.

Survey after the jump.

What year were you born? Gender?

How would you define sexual assault?

Why do you think sexual assault occurs?

What type of person is most likely to commit sexual assault? What type of person is most likely to be sexually assaulted? Can men be sexually assaulted?

How often do you think sexual assault occurs?

What, if any, tips would you suggest to prevent sexual assault?

If a person is drunk while assaulted, do you think he/she is partially to blame?

If a person does not fight back while being sexually assaulted, is it still assault?

How often do you think false accusations of sexual assault are made?
A) Less than 5%
B) 10% – 15%
C) 45% – 60%
D) More than 85%

What kinds of aftereffects do you think a person who has been sexually assaulted might experience? Do you think everybody who has been assaulted will react the same way?

Do you think it’s acceptable for a person to change his/her mind after already consenting to sex?

Do you think a person’s sexual history plays a part in whether she/he is likely to be sexually assaulted?

If your date pays for dinner, would it be fair to say that he/she is entitled to sex in exchange?

Is it harmful for a man not to have sex once he’s become aroused?

What would you consider to be sexual coercion? (e.g. Threats, Bribes, Trickery, Blackmail)

Do you think the media accurately portrays what often happens in cases of sexual violence? Why/Why not?

Are you comfortable discussing topics related to sex with your friends/family? Why or why not? (e.g. sexual health, sexual decision making, sexual boundaries)

Are you comfortable saying ‘no’ to your boyfriend/girlfriend?

What, if any, are your concerns about sexual violence in the community?
__ Safety of women
__ Not being believed
__ Stigma attached to survivors
__ Being alienated from your group (after the assault)
__ Not knowing who to trust
__ Other:

Do you think education around sexual assault and boundaries should be included in Sex Ed curriculum? What would you like to see addressed?

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