Teach and Practice Healthy Relationships

by CCASA Communications

There are many types and styles of relationships, including sexual relationships; casual, monogamous, long-term and exclusive etc. These relationships can be caring, loving, distant, abusive and can have any combination of these qualities.

One’s own needs and wants in sexual relationships can evolve over time and each person gets to decide what’s comfortable for them. In any case, each person’s relationships and sexuality should make them feel better about themselves and add quality to their life.

Talking about our sexual needs and desires can be frightening and uncomfortable, even within a loving and trusting relationship. Lots of people grew up learning that talking about sex is dirty or impolite, or may make them appear to be promiscuous. They may fear that their partner’s feelings will be hurt or be challenged about what they are expressing. It takes time and practice to develop clear ways of stating your sexual needs and wants in a relationship. It is however, an important part of developing healthy ways of being in a sexual relationship, avoiding miscommunication, hurt feelings and assumptions.

Be open and honest when discussing sex with your partner. Listen to your partner and respect his/her choice. Everyone has the right to set their own sexual limits and to say no to a sexual act. If you are unclear if the other person wants to engage in sexual activity with you ask. Respect your partner and the choice that you both make

Healthy communication in every relationship is key for helping one another understand our needs, desires and thoughts. It helps each of us to feel better understood, cared about, respected and can increase our sense of trust in a relationship. Poor communication skills can lead to assumptions, disagreements and misunderstandings.

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