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We are CCASA’s Youth4Change!

When it comes to engaging our peers on issues of sexual violence, there are numerous obstacles; it can be hard to talk about. Aside from the overall feelings of discomfort surrounding the subject, we’ve learned that attitudes are often rooted in myths which we hope to challenge.

This summer, we are on a journey to explore the impact of sexual violence in the youth community and show how it affects everyone. In the coming months, we will blog about our research, encounters, and community events. We will attend festivals, sit in on court proceedings, visit the sex crimes unit of the police department, and talk to our peers. By providing an inside perspective through our own experiences, we hope to connect you to the issue.

Our goal is to create an interactive community that provides a safe space for you to voice your concerns, questions, or simply to give your opinion. We welcome your input and would like to know what’s on your mind.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


The youth

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