It’s Our World. Let’s Take It Back.

Sexual violence. It’s a tough concept with an even tougher definition that includes acts of sexual assault, sexual abuse of both children & adults, and/or sexual harassment. Both men & women can commit sexual violence or have sexual violence committed against them.

Sexual violence exists, but it’s not your fault. Never your fault. It is a physical and emotional violation. It is a crime that takes away your right to protect your body and mind; your right to safety. The worst part is, even though it infiltrates every community here and around the world, it is so incredibly difficult to talk about, especially in an open and healthy way.

Roadblocks are everywhere. Besides being an extremely uncomfortable topic, people’s attitudes about sexual violence are often rooted in myths. Don’t believe me? Check out myths that still pervade today.

A Safe Place. A Strong Community.

The Your World project was created so that people like you and I could understand and talk about socially pervasive thoughts and attitudes related to sexual violence in our own community. We need proactive thinking & behaviours that challenge the attitudes & myths that allow sexual violence to continue. We need to create a community that recognizes sexual violence doesn’t belong in our world.

Your World is a safe place for you to access help, information, and resources. It’s a place where you can ask questions and speak your mind.

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